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*** Shared Hosting Overuse - Q&A's

Commitment to Continuous Improvement of the Hosting Infrastructure

At the lounge Network, our upstream providers make an ongoing commitment to investing in resource and technology that ensures the servers run at optimal performance & availability - and most importantly - keeps your website or app running smoothly. Recently this has included;

  • a complete overhaul of our shared hosting architecture, including upgrading all front-end servers and SATA drives to HP hardware,
  • the implementation of MySQL Governor to regulate usage and prevent a site from affecting others when it requires additional resource,
  • over $70,000 and 1000 hours of development/engineering time into upgrading mail systems and storage, providing you with a significantly more robust service.

Why have quotas been implemented?

There are always a very small number of shared hosting customers (less than 1%) whose resource use would be considered 'excessive' for the shared hosting network and plan that they are on.

To ensure that no individual websites resource use impacts on the performance of other websites, our upstream providers have also implemented shared hosting usage quotas. The quotas have been designed to only impact the top 1% of customers who fall outside of what is generally considered to be 'fair use. Unfortunately the 1% of top users end up using 99% of resources and causing 99% of server problems.

If you are one of the 99% - you won't be affected in the slightest. You will only be affected if you are inside the top 1% of users who are considered as using excessive resources on the shared hosting network..

How do I know if I am over-using?

We will send a monthly email to all relevant customers with a notification of overuse.

If you would like to check your website traffic and storage usage, as well as your email storage usage, you can do this by following the instructions further down the page. All can be viewed online via either the Hosting Control Panel, or in the case of website traffic usage, inside the Webalizer Log Analyser

What can lead to excessive use?

  • Streaming Audio, Video or Podcasts
  • Using your hosting plan to backup large files or large quantities
  • Using your hosting plan for file-sharing purposes
  • Downloadable files in your storage space, which are receiving a large number of downloads. e.g. PDF, ZIP, DOC files
  • Using your hosting plan to host files for other websites
  • Storing emails for other domain names
  • Having a large number of email accounts setup
  • Having a very popular or high bandwidth website.
  • Using IMAP, POP or Webmail, and never deleting your old emails, or downloading them for local storage / backup.

When will monitoring take effect?

Monitoring has already been implemented and the top 1% of customers have been notified of their overuse. Monitoring will continue and invoices will be issued for overuse for the month of November 2014 onwards.

What are pre-pay resource packs?

You can now purchase additional pre-pay resource packs which can be applied to individual websites. Pre-pay packs must be purchased if you are over your resource quotas. Monthly pre-pay packs will remain in place until you choose to cancel your subscription.

What do pre-pay resource packs cost?

Additional Web Storage Packs Additional Traffic Packs Additional Mail Storage Packs
10GB Web Storage Pack
$49.90 + GST per month
10GB Traffic Pack
$29.90 + GST per month
10GB Mail Storage Pack
$49.90 + GST per month
25GB Web Storage Pack
$89.90 + GST per month
50GB Traffic Pack
$99.90 + GST per month
25GB Mail Storage Pack
$89.90 + GST per month
50GB Web Storage Pack
$149.90 + GST per month
100GB Traffic Pack
$159.90 + GST per month
50GB Mail Storage Pack
$149.90 p/m + GST per month
100GB Web Storage Pack
$249.90 + GST per month
500GB Traffic Pack
$499.90 + GST per month
100GB Mail Storage Pack
$249.90 + GST per month
250GB Web Storage Pack
$499.90 + GST per month
250GB Mail Storage Pack
$499.90 + GST per month

How do I buy a pre-pay resource pack?

Currently you will need to email info@loungenetwork.co.nz to purchase a pre-pay resource pack.

Will my pre-pay pack rollover?

After purchase, pre-pay resource packs will roll-over to the following month unless you choose to cancel your monthly subscription. So you will be billed for that same amount every month after the purchase has been made. To cancel a monthly pre-pay pack please email info@loungenetwork.co.nz

What happens if I dont use all of my pre-pay resource?

Any remaining resource on your pre-pay pack at the end of the month cannot be carried over to additional months.

Can pre-pay resource packs be used in arrears?

No, pre-pay packs must be purchased in advance.

Can pre-pay packs be applied to more than one website?

No, prep-pay packs can only be applied to the website that they were purchased for. You can purchase individual pre-pay packs for one or all of the websites you host with us.

How will monitoring work?

Under the new system, clients will now take responsibility for the monitoring of their own website and email usage, and that you don't exceed your allocated monthly quotas. This can be done though the online monitoring tools. However we will still do some limited monitoring to help high usage clients choose the right resource pack for their needs. This will be done in the following way. A snapshot of clients account usage will be taken between the 20-25th of each month. If you are overusing resources at that stage, we will notify you via email that your usage is exceeding the quotas of our shared hosting plans, and that you will be required to take action. In the case of diskspace usage, you will be either required to get your diskspace usage down to well under the quota at least 3 days before the end of the month (which is when the final calculation is done), or you will need to buy a diskspace resource pack. If neither of those are done, are you are overusing when the final calculation takes place near the end of the month, then you will be charged for any usage over your quota. If you are overusing bandwidth, you will need to purchase a prepaid bandwidth resource plan, and subscribe to a monthly resource subscription. If this isn't done, you will be charged for any usage over your quota.

In some cases clients may not be over their quota when the snapshot is taken around the 20-25th of the month, and clients may only exceed the quotas nearer to the end of the month when the final calculations for resource usage are calculated. If this occurs, clients will be charged at our casual rate for those overages if they are over quota when the final calculations take place. Therefore we urge clients to monitor their usage and if clients are needing more server resources, to choose the most appropriate resource pack.

Please note that resource usage can be difficult to predict, especially with bandwidth usage. Some websites can receive big swings in bandwidth usage. e.g. If a website advertises a promotion on TV, it can result in very high usage on server resources in a very short period of amount of time. Therefore we recommend assessing your resource usage requirement before running such promotions which may create significant loads on server resources.

What if I didn't buy a resource pack and go over my quota for the month?

In virtually all cases when a client is going to exceed their resource quotas, we will email the client to require that they buy a pre-paid resource pack and/ or reduce their usage between the 20-25th of the month. However in the case where a pre-pay pack wasn't purchased and end up exceeding their usage at the end of the month, then the client will be billed at a casual rate, with a minimum $10+gst per month fee for the over usage. e.g. The client may go over their storage quota or bandwidth quota between the 20th till the end of the month, and there wasn't sufficient time for us to email the client about their over usage. This includes if you go over your pre-pay resource pack quota. Our casual rates will only be used in exceptional circumstances and where a pre-paid plan hasn't been purchased to cover the usage.

Bandwidth Overusage charge $5 + GST per 1 GB
Web Storage Overusage charge $10 + GST per 1 GB
Mail Storage Overusage charge $10 + GST per 1 GB

Who is responsible for managing my website and email usage?

The hosting client is solely responsible for managing their own website and email usage, and that their usage remain under their quotas. If clients need more server resources, they must purchase additional resources. Clients are able to check website and email usage sizes from inside their hosting control panel. Website storage sizes can be found under the 'Websites' section of the control panel. Total email storage sizes can be found in the 'Email' section under 'Mail Disk Usage' . Traffic usage can be found inside their website Statistics using the Webalizer Log Analyser (this is a tutorial on how you access statistics). Webalizer Log Analyser will have a daily breakdown of website usage, as well as totals for the previous months going back 12 months, and clients will be able to extrapolate from that, what their monthly usage may be.

All usage calculations and statistics are generated once a day, so reducing your diskspace usage won't show up until the next day.

If I only go slightly over any of my quotas, will I still be contacted and charged for the amount I have gone over?

Yes, if you go over any of the quotas, you will be charged for your over usage, and required to purchase an add-on prepay resource pack for your usage. You will need to purchase one for the current month you have overused, and also prepay for the next month in advance. If you also exceed the quotas of your add-on resource packs, and haven't previously arranged to purchase additional resource packs, then you will be charged at the casual rate where you usage exceeds the prepaid bandwidth you have paid for. Therefore we urge clients to regularly check their bandwidth and diskspace usage, and make sure they have enough bandwidth purchased for their needs.

How is this new system better than the old system?

We have always have a Fair Usage Policy on our shared hosting plans, where if a website was using more than it's fair share of resources for the shared platform, clients would have had to modify their usage. Prior to us introducing these resource packs, if a clients website exceeded the resources of what our upstream providers considered was 'Fair Use' for the shared platform, then we usually wouldn't be able to continue to host that website on our shared platform. Instead we would provide the client with a number of options which would include either reducing their usage, moving to a VPS or Cloud hosting system, or in extreme cases a Dedicated server option. All of these are relatively expensive options. So these new resource packs do allow us to continue to host those higher resource websites on our network at a more affordable price than we could otherwise offer. There are however always extreme cases with server resource usage, so in some rare cases the shared network may not be suitable for the type of website or app it is being used for.


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