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I have found cheaper services elsewhere, will you match their price?
There are always companies who will undercut on price, and often cheaper hosting is far lower spec, and can be unreliable and overloaded, with minimal or no backups, and poor quality support. So hosting should never be chosen on pricing alone, as all hosting is different, and you maybe comparing the pricing of a A-Grade host with a D-grade one. Our Premium hosting plans are considered to be business grade premium quality hosting, and comparing our hosting services with other cheap providers in the market, our hosting is far superior. As with everything, you do get what you pay for. So if you pay peanuts, you tend to get monkeys.

The following features come as standard on all premium plans. These are features most cheap hosts donít offer.

On our Premium CPanel plans we offer the following features as standard:

- Daily, weekly and monthly backups to local backup storage (Premium CPanel servers).
- Remote disaster recovery backups. These are incremental backups that occur every 4 hours. This would prevent for any type of disaster at the webserver, such as complete wipeout of a site, and it's backups. This would be useful in case a hacker was ever able to take down all data on a server.
- Host an unlimited number of websites in your hosting account.
- 100% NZ owned and 100% NZ based support from a company who has been operating for over 12 years

Our Business and Corporate Hosting Plans are hosted in a server cluster where different services are split between different servers. Therefore should one service go down, such as an email server, other services such as your website will continue to operate whist the email service is being worked on. We are only one of a few providers in NZ who provide this sort of cluster hosting, and it is a lot more expensive for us to provide.

It is often false economy to use cheap hosting if your website suffers from a lot of downtime, slow loading due to the servers being overloaded, or you have emails that go missing, as the loss of business and time would far exceed any savings a company may make using a cheaper grade of hosting. Also the quality of support from many of the cheap hosts is very poor, and many of the businesses who switch to using our services, have switched from a cheap hosting provider who either has very poor service, or lots of website and email downtime. Therefore we donít try to compete with the lowest price providers, because either support or server reliability will suffer if costs were cut, and we donít want unhappy clients who are constantly contacting us to complain about performance problems with their website or email. Thus we have invested in a reliable premium network and NZ based staff with many years of experience. Many of the cheap hosts use staff who just follow flow charts, and have little technical knowledge themselves, which ends up being very frustrating for the customer if they canít get the problem initially identified, and then resolved quickly.

As we have been operating since 2001, our business model and pricing has proven to be sustainable over the long term, and NZ companies use us, because we offer superior reliability and support that many other companies simply donít provide. Many of the low cost companies only tend to last a few years before they disappear, or they have to put up their pricing.
We do also have a full network status page which discusses any issues or upcoming maintenance at http://www.status.loungenetwork.co.nz/ . Many cheap hosts donít have any form of status page so you donít know when they are having problems or when their scheduled maintenance is. Many have so many problems that they don't want you to know of all the outages they have, so outages don't get reported on a status page. We believe in being upfront and honest about all network issues.

If you aren't already convinced about the quality of our Premium hosting plans, more information about why our Premium Hosting is 'better' can be found at http://www.loungenetwork.co.nz/why-our-premium-web-hosting-plans-are-better/


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