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HOW TO: How do I add an 'Addon Website' in CPanel?

If you are on our CPanel plans which also support Addon Domains/Websites, you are able to setup additional websites inside your hosting accounts control panel.

To add a new 'Addon Website' you log into your hosting control panel 'CPanel' , and navigate to the 'Addon Domains' section, and fill in the details. Please note that before adding an 'Addon Domain', your domains DNS / Nameservers must already be pointing to the server, and the domain must already be registered. This is a standard security feature, to prevent abuse of our servers, and shows that you own the domain. You will be able to find the domains nameservers in the account information PDF we sent you when the hosting account was initially setup. When changing your domains DNS / Nameservers, please make sure you only use the nameserver addresses, and do not enter in the IP's. Instead leave the IP's completely blank.

If we are your Domain Provider, you can make the DNS change from inside your Domain Manager control panel at www.domains.loungenetwork.co.nz. If it is registered elsewhere, you will need to contact your domain provider to make the change. If you would like to transfer your domain/s to our NZ Domain Manager system, which should make things easier, all you need to do is provide us with your domains UDAI code which your domain provider will provide you with. Through our Domain Manager at www.domains.loungenetwork.co.nz, you can also register new domains, and if you need help, we can make the changes for you.

If you are not yet ready to change your domains nameservers permentally, you can temporarily change the nameservers prior to adding the addon domain in CPanel, and after it has successfully been added, you can then immediately change the DNS settings back to what they were previously, until you are ready to change the DNS settings permanently. If you are doing this, please be sure that you make a note of your old DNS settings, so you know what to switch them back to. You can do the same thing if you are only wanting to point the website hosting component of your domain to our servers, and then switch it back, and then alter your domain zone file template to point the websites A Record to the IP address of our server.

To find the IP address of the Website hosting component of the server, inside CPanel you need to click the 'Advanced DNS Zone Editor', and navigate to the 'Zone File Records' section. Then look for the domain name entry that only contains your domain name without anything in front of it, e.g. yourdomain.co.nz. This will usually be the first entry. The IP address you need to use will be under the 'Record' entry.


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