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GENERAL: Why is my domain name listed in 'Auctions'?
Your domain names may get listed in the ‘Auctions Feed’ if the domain registrant hasn't renewed their domain before the expiry date, and it enters 'Pending Release' mode. Only domains that are in 'Pending Release' will get detected and added to the NZ registrars auctions feed, which gives people some of the first opportunities to bid and possibly buy domains that could be released back to the public, if they don't get renewed by the original domain registrant. Domain names can be renewed by the domain registrant within 90 days after a domains expiry. If after 90 days of the domains expiry the registrant hasn't renewed the domain, they are released back to the public where anyone can then register them. It can take some time for the NZ Registrar to update their records of those domains that have expired, and are still in ‘pending release’ mode. Therefore there maybe times when a ‘renewed’ cancelled domain still appears in the Auction Feed.

The domain Auction Feed displayed on our website is run by the Authorised NZ Registrar 'Domain Agent', and they fully manage all the auctions, and the feeds of auctions that are displayed across many different domain registration websites such as ours. Therefore if your domain is appearing for auction on our websites auction feed, it will also be appearing on many others too. If you have renewed your previously cancelled domain name, and it hasn't yet been removed from the NZ Registrars auction feed, you may contact them to have it removed. It will however eventually be removed by the NZ Registrar 'Domain Agent' on their next update. There is however no risk of you getting your previously cancelled domain purchased from under you, as long as your have renewed it properly, as the auction will be cancelled as soon as the system detects the domain is no longer available for registration. You may need to check with your registrar if you are not sure whether your previously cancelled domain has renewed properly. The auction may only be successful when a domain has been released back to the public by the NZ registry, which is generally 90 days after a domain has expired, when it hasn't’t been renewed by the registrant.

If you would like your domain manually removed from the NZ Registrar ‘Domain Agent’s Auction Feed, or have any concerns about why they have it listed, please contact the NZ Registrar - ‘Domain Agent’ directly. They are the Authorised Registrar managing these auctions, and they have full control over what is displayed in the auction feeds they provide websites like ours. Unfortunately we don’t have any control over the domain auction feeds, so only they can make changes to it to manually remove domains. Their contact details are below.

Domain Agent
PO Box 302829
North Harbour

Phone: +64 9 551-8160
Fax: +64 9 475-5976

Email: dns@domainagent.co.nz

Website: www.domainagent.co.nz


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