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USAGE: How do I change my Domains A RECORD, CNAME, MX Settings?
If you are a current web hosting client, you are able to edit most of these settings in your web hosting control panel.

We do also provide full free access to our DNS servers for our Domain Registration clients, at no additional cost through our third party provider. However this is not directly hosted on our premium servers, and we don't provide any service contract or support for this free service. Thus it is not covered by our web hosting contract.This free DNS service allows our clients to setup their own custom domain templates and configure their own A RECORDS, CNAME, MX etc.

The DNS server settings can all be self managed for free using our 'Advanced Domain Manager' control panel, which can be accessed at www.controlpanel.co.nz . This differs from our 'Simple Domain Manager' control panel, in that it allows you to make more advanced changes to your domain and it's setup, and configure domain templates for domain names under your account. The login for both domain control panels is the same. If you have forgotten your login details you can go to the simple domain manager at www.domains.loungenetwork.co.nz to reset it.

Tutorials showing how to setup your own custom domain template and apply it to your domain can be found below. Please note that this fairly advanced stuff if you aren't used to managing domain names, so please read the note at the bottom if you would prefer us to do this for you.

First you must make sure that the domains DNS is pointing to our complementary DNS server. To do this the domains nameservers must be set to the 'Use Default Nameservers'. Make sure that option is ticked. A tutorial showing where this can be done can be found at:

How do I change the nameservers for my Domain?

Next setup a new domain template, using the tutorial below:.

How do I set up a DNS template?

Next apply that DNS template to your domain name by following the tutorial below:

How do I apply a DNS template?

Please note that modifying DNS templates requires a certain level of technical knowledge, so you need to know what you are doing, otherwise you could cause a service outage for any services using your domain name. If you are unsure, we can set these up for you or make modifications at our normal rates.

Please note: Our DNS server is a complementary free service that we provide our own domain registration clients, and is not part of the domain registration fee. The service is free as long as your domain continues to be registered by us. As it is free, the service is provided 'as is'. We provide no guarantee on the service or it's reliability. If the domain is transferred to another company the DNS settings may all be deleted instantly, which will result in disconnection and possible website/email downtime if you haven't switched your nameservers from our DNS servers. However you can continue to use our DNS for a remotely registered domain, for annual fee of $60+GST per year. The free DNS server is also only available if you use the 'default nameservers' option, and not the nameservers of our other web hosting only servers. If you are moving the DNS off one of our paid servers, you will need to contact us to cancel your hosting account if you aren't going to be using it as one or more of the DNS records, otherwise you will continue to be charged for that hosting account. As this is a free service, if you do need additional support for this complementary service, or want us to setup the domain template and records for you, we do charge a small service fee for this. However you can do it without incurring a service fee, by doing it yourself in the control panel as per the above tutorials. Please contact us for a quote if you do want us to make the changes for you, as the job will depend on the complexity of the setup. However any technical support for using and setting things up, are charged at our normal rates.


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