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USAGE: How do I setup Free URL Redirects and Email Forwarding?

If you are a Lounge Network Web Hosting client and already have an active web hosting account with us, we do also offer Free Domain Redirections, and Free Email Forwarding for a domain name. You can access this by logging into the Domain Manager. You only need to use this free service if you have a second domain name, which isn't already connected to your hosting account. If you are wanting to connect the domain directly to your existing hosting and email account, there maybe an additional monthly fee, depending on what hosting plan you are on.

To activate free URL Redirects, and free Email Forwarding, you will need to log into the Domain Manager, and navigate to the 'Manage Domain' section.

You will then need to click on the 'settings' link next to the domain, that you want to setup your free URL forwarding on. This will to bring up the domain names settings page, for the domain you are managing.

Next you will need to navigate to the bottom of the settings page, to the 'Name Servers' section. You will need to switch the nameservers to the 'use default name servers' option. This will replace the existing DNS settings, with redirection servers DNS settings. If you have a new domain, your domain may already be set to this setting.

Next click the 'Save Name Server Changes' button.

Next scroll to the top of the domains settings page, where you can then setup your free URL Redirects, and Email Forwarders.

When setting up free URL forwarding, you need to make sure to setup both the 'www' and the non 'www' of your domain name, if you want the system to redirect both versions of the domain. e.g. You will need to enter BOTH www.yourdomain.co.nz, and yourdomains.co.nz as URL forwarders.

Please note that after you change the nameservers, it can take between 12-48 hours, before your forwarding services will begin to work.

Warning. Please only change the Nameserver to the 'Default Name Servers', if you are wanting to only use the domain for free forwarding services. Changing the nameserver on a domain that is already connected to a web hosting account, may result in your website and email being disrupted. We accept no responsibility for problems that may result from you changing your Nameserver settings for your domain.

Please note that our Free Forwarding services are Self Service only. We therefore don't provide any service guarantee, nor any free technical support for any of our free URL and email forwarding services. If you do happen to need technical support for anything related to our free URL and email forwarding, we can provide this to you for a $25+GST priority support fee. You can get support for our free services by filling in the following form at http://www.web.loungenetwork.co.nz/priority-contact.php .


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