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HOW TO: Uploading your Apple iWeb website onto our servers?

This tutorial shows you how to upload your website that you have built in Apples iWeb software, onto our servers. iWeb is designed to work with apples .mac or MobileMe account, however you can still use it to upload to our servers. It may however lack some features (usually very minor features) that will only work when uploaded onto Apples own servers. Newer versions of iWeb software may have inbuilt FTP access, where you can enter in your FTP details directly, so you may not need to use these instructions below. However these instructions should also work with new versions. Please note that we don't provide any support for Apple iWeb software, so please contact Apple directly if you need support for your software.

STEP 1. Begin by 'publishing' your website to a local folder on your computer. When you’re done updating your webpages, click File -> Publish to a Folder…

STEP 2. Navigate to the folder on your computers hard drive you want to publish (save) your site in. Make sure to enter the URL for your website (eg www.yourwebsite.co.nz) in the space provided. Click Choose when you’re done.

STEP 3. After your site has been successfully published to a local folder on your computer, you’ll be prompted with a message telling you that it has been successfully. Click OK to proceed.

STEP 4. Next download and install the w2w software, which is what you use to upload your website. You can download this free at http://www.wallner.nu/fredrik/software/w2w/. To install it, unzip the file and drag it to your Applications folder, andlaunch it from there.

STEP 5. Click the + (plus) button.

STEP 6. Enter the appropriate info for your web server, which will be in the account information email we sent you. eg. your 'remote server' will start with 'ftp.' and will look similar to ftp.yourdomain.co.nz . Click the Browse button and navigate to the local folder you previously published your website in. You will also need to enter the name of the remote server folder, in the 'Remote folder' field. For cPanel Plans, this will be public_html . For add on domains in CPanel, you should be able to leave this field blank, if you have also created a new FTP account for that addon domain. Otherwise you will need to use the new folder you have created, and use your primary FTP account login. For Corporate and Business Class hosting plan users, the folder will be your domain name (eg. yourwebsite.co.nz)

STEP 7. Once you’ve filled in the required fields, click the Upload button.

STEP 8. What makes w2w very useful, is that it will only upload files that have changed (or new files). This saves time, because you won’t need to upload every file just to make sure the new/updated ones are sent.

STEP 9. The next time you update your site using iWeb, just re-publish to your local folder, then launch w2w and click the Upload button . All the previous details you entered should have been saved by w2w, so you won't need to re-enter it.



Another untested method of uploading your website onto our servers, and one that we don't provide any support for, is to use the new webdisk feature found inside the cPanel. Please note that we don't provide any support for the following method, as it is using third party systems. Please consult with your software vendor, or do a google search if you need additional information.

First make sure that port 2078 is open in any firewall that you may have operational.

Then log into cPanel, and navigate to the Webdisk section, to create a webdisk account for yourself.

Then in the Finder (this is for OS X 10.4.+) go to Connect to Server (under the Go menu)

enter: https://www.mydomain.co.nz:2078 (note the s after http ).

Click Continue on the security certificate question. Enter your recently created webdisk username and password in the Kereberos login pane (check "remember password etc." so that you don't have to do this again) and in a few moments you get an iDisk-like server icon on your desktop with which you can now work using all the usual Finder techniques.

That is it. (You can also download from cPanel webdisk area a little application that does all of this, but it asks two more "do you want to do this?" questions).

Make an alias to the webdisk on your desktop and thereafter, just open this alias to initiate the secure connection to the cPanel server.

Now you can connect to your webdisk before an iweb session and when it comes time to publish to a folder, you can publish straight through to the webdisk (Trying to publish into a folder ON the webdisk, caused iWeb to crash).

Please note that we don't provide any support for this method, as it is using third party systems. Please consult with your software vendor, or do a google search if you can't get this to work, and need additional information.


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