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HOW TO: Uploading your website on an Apple Mac computer using Transit FTP?

This document details how to upload your web site to the servers using Transmit. This document is written for users of Transmit on Apple Mac OS X.
Precursory actions: Before following these instructions you should be connected to the internet, and Transmit should be open and the frontmost application.

You can download a copy of Transite at http://www.panic.com/transmit/


Step 1: Enter your FTP details as below.

Your FTP Host Server Address: ftp.yourdomain.co.nz (replace yourdomain.co.nz with your actual domain name)
Your FTP User Name: (case sensitive)
Your FTP Password: (case sensitive)

Note for Corporate and Business Class Hosting clients: If you are uploading files for a Linux site, the FTP address is ftp.mydns.net.nz, if you are uploading files for a Windows site the FTP address is win.mydns.net.nz.

Figure 1

Step 2: Select Add to Favorites... from the Favorites menu, this will allow you to save the connection details so they do not have to be entered every time you use the program.

Figure 2

Step 3: Check that the settings are correct in the panel that appears, then click OK.

Figure 3

Step 4: To connect to the server, select its name from Favorites in the Favorites menu.

Figure 4

Step 5: After Transmit connects, you can upload files to the FTP server by dragging them from the left pane (your stuff) to the right pane (their stuff>).

When you first FTP into your account, you'll be taken to your "Home" directory. Don't confuse this with your "web directory." The home directory is "not" accessible to the World Wide Web; it's a private directory where critical system files reside. Please Note: If your hosting account is a cPanel account, you must upload your website into the /public_html folder, which is your 'website directory', and is publicly viewable over the internet. If your hosting account doesn't have the public_html directory, it will either have one called htdocs or one with your domain name(eg. yourdomain.co.nz). You would therefore upload your website into either of those directories.

When you upload your site to the Internet, you will want to make sure that you name your home page index.htm (or similar extension such as .php or .asp), as this is how our system will recognize your homepage page. Other default pages are actually feasible (index.htm, default.htm, index.shtml), but the default "Welcome" page that comes with every new account is named index.htm, and will not be replaced unless it is specifically deleted or overwritten by your own index.htm.

Figure 5

Step 6: To upload more files, repeat Step 5. When you have finished uploading files, just Quit transmit.

The next time you use Transmit the server settings will be saved, so you can upload more files by following Steps 4 and 5. Quick Search


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