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[LEGACY EMAIL ACCOUNTS] The New and Old Systems Explained


In our old email system, email was stored in mailboxes (now referred to as legacy mailboxes in the Control Panel). To deliver email into a mailbox, you needed to set up an email address and point it to a legacy mailbox.

In the new system, email addresses take the place of mailboxes; they can both store and receive email. There is no need to create a mailbox then assign an email address for it to store mail: both these steps are consolidated into simply creating an email address.

You can set up an email address to redirect email to another address: this is now known as an email alias (previously this was known as an email forward). The destination address can be either hosted in your Control Panel, or an email address hosted elsewhere (by another provider).

Naming Difference

New email addressesmailboxes (the email username login) will have an @ symbol in their names, as they are associated with a domain. Because of this, email can be sent directly to, and is stored by, the email address.

For example, you may have a legacy mailbox called legacymailbox, but you will not be able to send email directly to it, as legacymailbox is not a valid email address. However, new email address mailboxes are named like newmailbox@webhost.co.nz. This name is a valid email address, and will receive email sent to it.

Deprecation of Legacy Mailboxes

Legacy Mailboxes can no longer have any of their settings changed. This includes spam settings and autoresponder settings. Changing any of these settings requires the legacy mailbox to be upgraded.

Legacy Mailbox Upgrade Process

Legacy mailboxes can be easily updated to new email addresses, and will retain all their existing settings (including password, spam and auto-responder settings). All that needs to be changed is the username in your email client.

The upgrade process is as follows:

Choose a legacy mailbox to upgrade, and the address to upgrade it to.
Confirm the upgrade. This will upgrade the legacy mailbox to the new email address, and update any email aliases that point to the legacy mailbox to point to the new email address.
Any email in the legacy mailbox will be scheduled to be copied to the new email address; this usually takes less than 15 minutes, but the time can vary based on the amount of mail in the legacy mailbox.
You will need to update the username in your email client from the legacy mailbox name, to the new email address. Your username is the SAME as your Email Address. No other changes are necessary.

If you are using webmail, you must also use your email address as your login username.


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