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USAGE: How do I change my Domains DNS Namerservers?
If you are wanting to alter your DNS nameservers to those of a third party server, you are able to alter them in our Domain Manager system at www.domains.loungenetwork.co.nz. This is a self service system. Instructions for doing this are below.

1) Go to www.domains.loungenetwork.co.nz
2) Log into the website. The login box is on the top left hand side of the page.
3) Once logged in, you will see a column that is titled ‘My Account’
4) Click on the ‘My Domains’ link. This will load a page where you can manage all your domains.
5) Click the ‘Setup’ link next to the domain you want to alter the nameservers for. This will load the settings page for the domain.
6) Click the 'Point to Hosting' link, just above where it says 'Select your name servers to manage DNS with your hosting provider.
7) Select the ‘Use custom name servers’ radio button, if it isn’t already selected, and then enter in the nameservers into the fields below this.
8) Click the ‘Save Name Server Changes’ button, and this will save your new nameservers.
9) Please allow between 2-24 hours for these changes to take effect.

IMPORTANT: If you are modifying the DNS of an International domain name, such as a .com, you will also need to enter the IP of each nameserver. So if you have two nameservers, you will need to enter two different IPs as well. If you don't enter these, the domain manager will display an error to say that you need to enter them. If your provider hasn't provided you with any IPs, you will need to request they provide them to you. You may need to escalate the request to the hosts technician, as basic frontline support of many hosting providers is very basic and may not have the technical knowledge.

If you would like us to manually manage the DNS change for you, we charge a $22.22+GST admin fee for this service. If you are wanting us to manually alter your DNS settings to one of our servers, and you are also purchasing web hosting from us, we will waive this fee, as this is a free service we include with our web hosting.


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