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Do you support Microsoft Frontpage™?
The servers do currently allow you to setup MS Frontpage™ extensions, but we recommend you don't use them..

Once you have joined us you will be able to setup Frontpage extensions from within the Hosting Control Panel. By default, Frontpage extensions are disabled on your hosting account.

For hosting plans without a Control Panel, we can set you up with FrontPage extensions if you request it.

Please note that we DON'T provide any technical support for FrontPage extensions, and they are provided 'as is'. FrontPage extension use is at clients own risk, and they may cause conflicts with other hosting features or applications you install in your hosting space. Therefore we recommend clients do not use them. Any technical support for FrontPage software must be sought from your software provider.

Please note that older and less secure versions of Microsoft Frontpage™ may not be supported by the FP server extensions, so you may need to upload your website via FTP or another method.

Microsoft Frontpage Extensions have reached their End Of Life (EOL)

During mid 2006 Microsoft announced that they discontinued the development of Microsoft FrontPage and server extensions, and will cease supporting it, due to it having reached the end of it's economical life.

Since 2006, we have continued to support FrontPage Extensions to clients, however as Microsoft no longer provides any security updates for the extensions, FrontPage extensions potentially could pose a security threat to the servers. Therefore we are announcing that FrontPage extensions on our Network have reached the end of their life as of 17/12/2008. Most hosting providers have already ceased supporting and providing FrontPage extensions, and we are one of the last to still provide them. The servers will continue to support FrontPage extensions for the time being, but Frontpage extensions could be withdrawn at any time in the future without further announcement, and we will no longer be offering any technical support for FrontPage extensions if you are having trouble with them. If you do use Microsoft FrontPage, you can instead upload your website without FrontPage extensions by using FTP, which will continue to be supported.


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