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My website is loading slowly, what can I do?

The speed your website loads for you on your computers internet browser, is largely dependent on your ISPs connection to the rest of the internet. If you are finding that your website is loading slower than normal, it could an issue with your ISP, or one of your ISPs upstream providers, or it could be an issue at the datacentre where the server is stored. There are also many other things that could potentially be causing the problem with slow website loading, including your computer performing a software update, virus scan, or it could be infected with Malware. Also just because the website is loading slowly for you, doesn't mean that the slowness is affecting all of your website visitors. If it is a problem with your ISPs interent connection, then it may only be that ISPs customers who are affected.

If you need to contact us regarding slow loading speeds of your website, you MUST perform the following tasks in order for us to further assist you and locate the issue.
In most cases if you contact your ISP first, it will locate the problem if there are any issues with your ISP‘s route to your server.

(1) TraceRoute Report - You must perform a 'traceroute' from your computer to your website. This traceroute will show where the loss of connectivity is occurring along the line of nodes. You can download traceroute software by using either of the pieces of software below.

Visual Route

To find these, please go to www.google.co.nz, and enter one of the above options to find these websites.

The screen shot below is for WINMTR which is the easiest to use, and is free.

Simply enter your websites domain name and press the 'Start' button, wait for the traceroute to complete between 20-50 'sent' packets, then press the 'STOP' button. The press the 'copy text to clipboard' button, and paste this into your email to us. A small % of packloss at different nodes is normal.

(2) Alertra Report - This test will test how well your website is loading from different locations around the world, eg London, Hong Kong, Sydney. It will tell you if the website is 'viewable', and the time taken to load your websites homepage at those locations. To test your website, please go to http://www.alertra.com/ and enter your domain name where indicated, and press the check button.

The result will look similar to below. If your website is reading 'error' from all locations, it will indicate that your website is not viewable, and indicates that either your domain name or website is not responsive.

If it is reading OK from most locations, then it will show that it is loading. You may want to compare the speed it takes your website to load through your own web browser, versus the speed it shows in the Alertra report. If your own computer is loading it a lot slower, it would indicate a problem that is isolated to your own computers connection to your website (eg your ISP or something else related to your computer eg a misconfigured firewall). If you are having trouble with your website loading at certain times of the day, please try testing your website at various times during the day.

Next make a 'screen capture' of the results page, as below. You can make a screen capture in windows by pressing the 'PRTSCN' (Print Screen) button, opening an image editor (eg photoshop), and pasting the screen capture into a new image document. When saving the screen capture, please name the file with the date and time of the Alertra test.

(3) CPanel server load - CPanel also allows you to check the servers load. You can find a link to the 'server status' at the bottom of the left hand column on CPanel's homepage. When you experience slow loading, please check the servers status, and what the server load is. Please send us a Screen Capture of this page at the time you experience a slowdown, if you are concerned about a figure.

Once you have both your Traceroute and Alertra screen captures, please email these to us, and we will investigate. Unless we have these pieces of information, we are unable to help you to find why your website maybe loading slowly from your location. Please also include with your email, who your ISP is, what type of computer you are using and network configuration, as well as the type of internet security software you are using. Please also include any step by step instructions, to allow us to try to replicate the situation.


If you are finding that scripts you are using on your website are going slowly, it could be that you are using scripts that are not permitted on the server, and these are causing high loads on the server. Normally however our server technicians will pick this up, and the scripts will be suspended, and we will contact you. If you are unsure which scripts are not allowed, please check out our list of banned scripts, which are in our 'terms of service' documents.


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