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[CONTROL PANEL] I can't login my Control Panel?
There could be a range of possibilities as to why you are unable to login or access your control panel. Below are the most common reasons. Before you contact us, please try or check the following, as this will save a lot of time.

- Firstly check that your firewall or Internet Security Software is not blocking access to the port that the control panel uses. Try temporarily disabling your firewall to test if you can login with it disabled. Your firewall may either be software on your computer, or it may be a separate piece of hardware that exists between your computer and your phone point. Some firewalls are integrated into your modem or router.

- Try rebooting your computers / networks router incase it has suffered some form of problem with either inbuilt firewall, other settings or it has crashed. (The router is the box that you plug into your telephone line. This should reset the connection with your ISP and some of the other settings inside the router. You could also try rebooting your computer to also reset it's settings.

- If your computer is on a network, or is connected to other computers in an office environment, check that you have access privileges to connect to a control panel.

- Check that your internet browsers security settings aren't too high, otherwise it can block access. Adjust your security settings to allow access.

- Check that your ISP (Internet Service Provider, the company you connect to the internet with) isn't having issues which is preventing you connecting to the control panel. Also ask your ISP whether they are blocking port 2083 . You could also ask your ISP to check the connection from their end, and they should be able to confirm whether the problem is a local problem with your computer / home network or not.

- Try accessing the control panel using a different browser, such as Firefox.

- Try accessing your control panel on a different computer connected to a different ISP, or get a friend to test the connection on their computer in a different location.


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