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When using MS FrontPage to publish my website, I get an error?

These errors most likely occur because your Microsoft FrontPage Extensions in your hosting directory have become corrupt. This is a relatively common issue with using Microsoft Frontpage, caused by bugs within the Microsoft Frontpage software. Corruption can occur when they communicate with one another and a communication or software error occurs. Corruption can also occur if you try to use FTP to upload your website, instead of using the publish feature within FrontPage. These errors can be easily corrected by reinstalling your Microsoft Frontpage extensions on the server using the methods below.

cPanel Users: You should be able to fix this by logging into cPanel, going to the 'frontpage extensions section', and then uninstalling and then reinstalling them. You can also try using the 'repair frontpage extensions' if that options is available. Doing this should then fix the issue. On rare occasions you may also need to delete everything from your public_html directory (excluding the cgi... folders) , and then reinstall the FrontPage extensions in cPanel. Alternatively you will be able to upload your website via ftp.

Corporate/ Business Class Hosting Plans: Please log into your control panel at www.controlpanel.co.nz, go to the 'Services' tab in the left hand menu, click the 'websites' link. Then click the 'edit ' link next to your websites domain name. Scroll down to the Frontpage section, and tick the 'reinstall' frontpage extensions, and click the 'save' button. This will reinstall the extensions.

Other reasons you may be having problems publishing with Frontpage could be:

(a) Your version of Frontpage is no longer supported by the server due to security. Microsoft only provides server extensions for newer versions of MS Frontpage. If this is the case, please use FTP to upload your website.
(b) You are not publishing through the entire URL. You must include www in the domain address in your Frontpage Software, eg. www.yourwebsite.co.nz
(c) You may have internet security software such as Firewall or antivirus software, that maybe blocking your frontpage connection. Please refer to your internet security documentation to correct this.

Please note that as MS Frontpage is third party software, we do not provide any technical support for it. For software support for Microsoft Frontpage please go to the Microsoft website at www.microsoft.co.nz . Technical support for your FrontPage software can also be found at http://support.microsoft.com/search/?adv=1 , just select you version of FrontPage.

Microsoft Frontpage Extensions have reached their End Of Life (EOL)

During mid 2006 Microsoft announced that they discontinued the development of Microsoft FrontPage and server extensions, and will cease supporting it, due to it having reached the end of it's economical life.

Since 2006, we have continued to support FrontPage Extensions to clients, however as Microsoft no longer provides any security updates for the extensions, FrontPage extensions potentially could pose a security threat to the servers. Therefore we are announcing that FrontPage extensions on our Network have reached the end of their life as of 17/12/2008. Most hosting providers have already ceased supporting and providing FrontPage extensions, and we are one of the last to still provide them. The servers will continue to support FrontPage extensions for the time being, but Frontpage extensions could be withdrawn at any time in the future without further announcement, and we will no longer be offering any technical support for FrontPage extensions if you are having trouble with them. If you do use Microsoft FrontPage, you can instead upload your website without FrontPage extensions by using FTP, which will continue to be supported.


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