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*** HELP, I am having trouble both SENDING and RECEIVING my email?
If you find that you are having trouble with your email, please follow the steps below before you email us, as it can save a lot of time:

If you are having trouble BOTH sending and receiving your email, via your email client software(eg. Outlook Express), the issue will either be with your ISP(Internet Service Provider), the network your computer is connected to, or your firewall / internet security software on your computer. This is because your email is sent via your ISPs outgoing SMTP server, and doesn't go through our hosting network.

If you are having trouble both sending and and receiving email, please check the following:

- That you are using the correct email username and password, and incoming mail server. You can change your find your username (is usually the same as your email address) inside your hosting control panel, and you can also reset your password inside the control panel. You can login at http://www.web.loungenetwork.co.nz/login-cp.php
- That your email client is configured to work with your firewall or internet security software on your computer. Try temporarily disabling it to make sure.
- Contact your ISP to make sure that they are not having issues with their network. Your email is sent via your ISP's outgoing SMTP mailserver, therefore if you are having issues sending email, it is very likely to be an issue with your ISPs network.
- If you computer is connected to an office network, check with your network administrator that your email, or the port your email uses, isn't being blocked by the networks security settings.
- Try logging into your email account using 'Webmail', to see if you can access your email that way. A link for accessing webmail, can be found on our Hosting Websites homepage, or in the email we originally sent you containing your hosting accounts settings.
- Check that you Outgoing Mailserver(SMTP) in your email client, is set to that of your ISPs Outgoing SMTP Mailserver (eg. for Telecom Xtra, it will be smtp.xtra.co.nz). Please contact your ISP if you don´t know what your ISPs outgoing mailserver (SMTP)settings are. Also check that your Incoming Mailserver (POP), is set to the correct setting. Some Antivirus software can change these settings, which can cause issues for incoming email. If you have recently installed new or updated your Antivirus, Firewall or Internet Security Software, and are now experiencing issues with your email, it is very likely that it is your software that is causing the issue.
- Check to see if your websites domain name loads when you type it into your web browser.

If that doesn't solve things, please follow the checklist below:

(1) Check that your hosting account hasn‘t gone over its disk space limits. Check the disk space usage inside your Control Panel.

(2) Check that your hosting account hasn‘t gone over its data transfer limits. Check the data transfer usage inside your Control Panel.

(3) Check that your hosting account hasn‘t been suspended for a breach of our Terms of Service, or due to non payment.

(4) Try to access other sites on the internet (both international and New Zealand websites). Most times it will just be your ISP that is having issues. Also check that your firewall and antivirus software isn‘t blocking your internet access, especially if you are connected to an office network.

(5) If you have recently joined us, also make sure that your DNS info for your domain name has propagated over to our servers. This process of propagation can take up to 3 days.

(6) Check the domain‘s nameservers, and make sure that they are configured correctly. You can check this by clicking here. Also check on this page, that your domain name hasn‘t yet EXPIRED, and requires renewing, as an expired domain name will also prevent your website loading. If your domain is registered through us, you can renew it via our Domain Manager at www.domains.loungenetwork.co.nz.

(7) Access our Server Status Page and see if there‘s an issue with your server. Your servers name is shown in your welcome - account details email as follows :

(8) You can also check the status of your site by using the "Spot Check" service at http://alertra.com. Enter your domain same into the box and click the "check" button. This will then check the accessibility of your domain from 4 different geographical locations. This will show if there‘s an issue with your ISP. We also do recommend testing your website by connecting to another ISP, preferably on a different computer and network.

(9) If you see that the server you are on is non-reachable, according to the above steps, please access our Server Status Page for information about the issue and what is being done to rectify the situation. This page will keep you fully up to date should an issue occur.

You should only email us if no announcement has been made on our Server Status Page.

If you need to email us to investigate the issue, please make sure that your email contains as much detail as possible. It should include the name of the software you are using, and the exact error messages you are receiving, as well as your email accounts username and password, and the SMTP and POP settings you are using. This is so we can can personally test your email account. In most cases contacting your ISP first, will locate the problem if there are any issues with your ISP's route to your server.

Most importantly, if there is an issue with the server, do not panic. Please keep calm while the Server Technicians rectify the situation on your server. Cool heads are needed should any issues occur with the servers, so the Server Technicians can rectify the issue as quickly as possible.


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