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USAGE: How will I know my Domain is due for renewal?
Domain names become due for renewal at approximately 60 days before their scheduled expiry/cancellation date. When a domain becomes due, it will appear in your 'Domains Due' section of your Domain Manager control panel, so you know it is needing to be renewed. The billing contact on the domains whois record will also receive an email notification from the Domain Manager at approximately 60 days prior to the Domain Names scheduled expiry/cancellation date. Email notifications are then sent 30 days, and 15 days before expiration. If the Domain has still not been renewed, an email will be sent to all the contacts associated with the Domain approximately 2 days before the scheduled expiration date. This will be the final warning email before the domain expires and is cancelled by the Domain Registry.

Domain Name Registrants are also required to retain their own records of when their domain/s are due for renew. The expiry date can be checked at anytime from inside the Domain Manager. However as a courtesy, the Domain Registrars Domain Manager system does send out automated courtesy email reminders. When payment is made, the domain term is extended from the scheduled expiry date, and not from the date you make payment. So there is no reason to wait until the day prior to scheduled cancellation to make payment.

If you want to renew your domain name, you must make sure that we receive your payment well in advance of the domains scheduled expiry date, to provide us with enough time to renew it. We are not responsible for cheque payments that we don't receive (eg. lost or delayed in the mail), or Direct Credits that are delayed, or payments that don't have any reference to identify where they have come from them.

Please note that the domain expiry date is the date that the registry will CANCEL your domain name, so it is NOT a payment due date. If you no longer require the domain name, you can just ignore the domain renewal reminder until the domain expires. If you do still want to retain the domain, and wait until the expiry date to make payment, then if the domain does expire, you risk losing access to any website and email services that use this domain for a period of time until the domain has been paid for and is fully reactivated and reconnected. After a domain has expired, you also run the risk of having to pay a redemption / uncancellation fee to the registrar, before your domain can be uncanceled and renewed. We will let you know if an uncancellation fee is needed prior to attempting to renew a cancelled domain. Letting a domain expire and not renewing it in time, means that you risk losing that domain name to someone else, if it isnít renewed before it is released back into the public pool. So we recommend renewing your domain well before the scheduled expiration date, if you do want to retain the domain. You can infact renew most domains for up to 10 years in advance through the Domain Manager. You also can renew a domain at anytime, you donít need to wait to be notified.

Please note that it is your requirement as a Domain Registrant (the Domains Owner), to keep a record of when your annual domain renewal is due, and pay it before it expires. Lounge Network will endeavour to email you reminders when your domain name is up for renewal, however this is not a binding commitment. The emails that the Domain Manager system sends out are solely a courtesy. You can check the status and expiry date of your domain name at any time by logging into your Domain Manager account. Or by using our Domain Whois Page.

Please note that it is also the Domain Registrants requirement, to keep their contact details, including their email address up to date. Using an invalid email address will mean that the Domain Manager will not be able to email you domain renewal reminders, and therefore your domain name could expire without your knowledge. You can update your contact details in the Domain Manager at www.domains.loungenetwork.co.nz .


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