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USAGE: How do I transfer a Domain into your Domain Manager?
To transfer a domain name to our domain registry system, you can do this via our automated Domain Manager at www.domains.loungenetwork.co.nz.

If you don't already have a Domain Manager account, you can create one for free in the Domain Manager. If you have a web hosting account with us, but your domain is hosted elsewhere you will need to create a new domain manager account if you are wanting to transfer your domain across to us.

To transfer a .NZ name you will need your UDAI, which you can obtain from your current domain provider. A UDAI is your access code to manage your Domain. Your domain provider is required under NZ domain policies to provide you this in a timely manner, and they cannot withhold it from you or charge you for it. They must provide it to you for free.

To do a Domain Transfer in, you log into your Domain Manager account, and then go to our 'Transfer Domain' page and follow the transfer process. During this process you will be asked to enter the Domain and UDAI to transfer. If you want to keep your existing website DNS settings, you will need to make sure you select to 'retain existing DNS/nameserver settings' during the transfer process.

.NZ domain transfers are instant and free to transfer, and you don't need to renew your domain in order to transfer it. Also all of your existing domain registration credit, will be transferred with the domain. If you would like us to process the transfer for you, please email us your domain and UDAI code.

For all other domain extensions, you will first need ask your registrar to 'unlock' your domain name, and to provide you with your domains ‘Authorisation Code', before you commence the transfer, otherwise you will not be able to begin the transfer process. In order to transfer the domain, you must also renew your domain for a minimum of one year. This will top up your existing credit, and all remaining credit will be transferred across with the domain, provided your registrar has applied that credit. When you apply to transfer a Domain you may receive an email notification from the current domain provider asking you to authorise or decline the transfer. You will need to follow the instructions in that email, otherwise the transfer will fail. International domain transfers can take up to a few weeks to transfer. Therefore if you need to, please make any changes to your domain settings before you start the transfer process, as you may not be able to make any modifications whilst it is in the middle of the transfer process.


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