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USAGE: How do I get my .NZ domains UDAI code?
A UDAI code is used for either part of the process of authenticating access / ownership to a New Zealand .nz domain name, or for transferring a .nz domain name. UDAI is an acronym for Unique Domain Authorisation ID and only .NZ domains have them. UDAI's are eight characters long and are made up of numbers and letters in both upper and lower case. UDAI's are case sensitive.

You can generate a new UDAI code for your .nz domain name at any time automatically, by logging into our Domain Manager Website at www.domains.loungenetwork.co.nz.

Once logged in, click on the 'Manage Domains' link, located in the My Account menu.

Then click on the 'Get UDAI' link, next to the domain you want the UDAI of. The domains UDAI will then be sent to the REGISTRANTS email address. If you don't receive your UDAI code, please check your email spam/junk mail folder to see if it arrived in there.

If you need it sending to another email address, you will first need to setup a new contact, and assign it to the registrants contact details. You do this by clicking on the 'settings' link next to the domain, then scroll down to the bottom of the 'contacts section' and then click on the 'Add new contact...' Link. Then regenerate a new UDAI.

Any old UDAI you have will be superseded by the new one.

Please note that we cannot accept UDAI requests from anybody apart from the Domain Registrant of the domain. Therefore UDAI requests from third parties will be declined.

If your web designer or web host is requesting your UDAI code, please make sure that they have a domain control panel where you still have full control over your domain name, similar to our own Domain Manager at www.domains.loungenetwork.co.nz. Without a full domain management control panel, you aren't able to generate your domains UDAI instantly, or automatically update your contact details associated with your domain. Also if they ever go out of business or you can't contact them directly, you may have trouble getting your UDAI, which potentially could lead to downtime. Ideally you should only transfer your domain to a proper domain provider, that specialises in domain name management, and has the knowledge and support required. We have been providing Domain name services for over 10 years, so have a great deal of knowledge of the .NZ domain space.
Also you don't need to transfer your domain to another provider, in order to have your web hosting with that new provider, as you are able to make all the required changes to your domains DNS settings inside your Domain Manager account.

Please Note: Only .NZ domains have UDAI codes, and not International Domain Names (eg. com's, .net's etc). There is no UDAI for International domains. Instead international domains usually have AUTH codes (also sometimes referred to as EPP code or key), and these are solely used for transferring a domain. AUTH codes must be generated manually by us, and we must also unlock the domain at the same time, which allows it to be transfered away to another registrar. Unlike .NZ domains, international domain transfer is usually manually done, and transfers have been known to fail for a wide range of reasons. As there is work involved in international domain transfers for us, we do charge to do the required transfer work at our end. This is charged whether or not the domain ends up successfully transferring or not. More information on transfers this can be found here


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