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Why are emails that are sent to me, being bounced back to the sender?
This will either occur if you have exceeded your allocated diskspace for your email account, or your total diskspace allocated for your entire hosting account. In those cases the sender of the email will usually get an email to say your diskspace quota has been exceeded.
Emails sent to you can also bounce back to the sender, if your bandwidth has been exceeded, or if you havent setup the specific email address in cpanel.

If your email account has exceeded its quota, you will need to clear the mailbox, or increase it's diskspace quota. You however can't use more diskspace than the total diskspace allocated to your hosting account. You can see your total diskspace usage on the main Cpanel page.

If you believe you have already downloaded your email using your email software(eg Outlook), but your email mailbox is still full and is not clearing, you will likely have a setting in your email software mis-configured. You need to make sure that you have got the setting 'Leave a copy of messages on the server' unticked. You can usually find this setting in the 'advanced' section within your email accounts settings, which is inside the account settings of your email software. This video tutorial shows you how to do this using Outlook express http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7u3ylVc27ek&feature=related

After you have done this, you can check to make sure you have cleared your mailbox by logging into 'webmail' within CPanel, and seeing if there is any email still in the account. You can also manually delete you email in webmail, but make sure you clear the trash folder in order to permanently delete it. You can also totally purge your mailbox by first deleting the mailbox within CPanels email section, and then resetting it up again.

If you have exceeded your total hosting accounts diskspace allowance, you will either need to free up some diskspace in your hosting account, or upgrade to the next hosting plan up. You should always keep an eye on your diskspace usage incase you need to purchase more diskspace.


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