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*** HELP, I am having trouble just SENDING my email?

All email that you send out is called your 'Outgoing Email'. Your Outgoing Email is sent and handled by your ISPs Outgoing Mailserver(SMTP). Therefore if you are having trouble sending email, but can receive it okay, the issue will either be with your ISP (Internet Service Provider), the network your computer s connected to, or your 'firewall / internet security software on your computer. If it is a problem with your ISP (the company that you connect to the internet with), before you contact them please do make sure that you do the following first...

(1) Check that you Outgoing Mailserver(SMTP) in your email client, is set to that of your ISPs Outgoing SMTP Mailserver (eg. for Telecom Xtra, it will be smtp.xtra.co.nz). Please contact your ISP if you donīt know what your ISPs outgoing mailserver (SMTP)settings are.

(2) That your email client is configured to work with your firewall or internet security software on your computer. Try temporarily disabling it to make sure.

(3) If you computer is connected to an office network, check with your network administrator that your email, or the port your email uses, isn't being blocked by the networks security settings.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR TELECOM XTRA ISP USERS: In order to send email from a domain based email address if your ISP is Telecom Xtra, you must now follow the instructions at http://tinyurl.com/yahooxtrasmtp
If you have any problems sending email via Telecom Xtras SMTP server please contact Telecom Xtra at 0800 110 050, and they will be able to help you set up the above settings for your domain based email address.


For most of our hosting plans, you can also now use our SMTP server for sending out emails, and the SMTP server details are below. Please however use your own ISPs SMTP server if you can. We don't provide any technical support for clients using our SMTP server, as some ISP's will block access to third party SMTP servers, from sending through their network. These ISP's require their users to use their SMTP server, so you should use your ISP's SMTP server if you can. ISP blocking ports, is an antispam precaution, as spam is now such a huge problem on the internet. Therefore to send email via your domain name email account, set the outgoing mail server (SMTP) in your email client (eg. Outlook Express), to that of your ISPs outgoing SMTP mailserver (eg. for Telecom Xtra, it will be smtp.xtra.co.nz). Retain the POP information for the specific email address that you have relating to your domain to receive mail as usual. Please contact your ISP if you donīt know what your ISPs mailserver settings are.

If you want to try using our SMTP servers, the settings are below, and are dependant on what hosting control panel you are using:

For CPanel Control Panel Users:

If you are a CPanel user, it maybe possible to send your email through our server network, by setting your Outgoing Mailserver (SMTP) to your domain names SMTP setting eg. mail.yourdomain.co.nz. This then bypasses your ISPs outgoing mailserver. However using CPanels SMTP server can create problems, if you ISP blocks access to third party SMTP servers for antispam reasons. Because of this we don't provide any support for the CPanel SMTP server and you use it at your own risk. We recommend that you use your ISPs SMTP settings for sending all your email. If you are using the CPanel servers Outgoing Mailserver(SMTP), and are having trouble please check the following.

*Make sure that in "Advanced Settings" in your email client setup, that you have ticked "Authenticated" while sending email.

* Make sure the 'Outgoing Mailserver Port' (SMTP) is set to either port 26 or port 8025

*If you are still having issues sending mail but are receiving it okay, it will very likely be because your ISP is blocking port 25 on outbound email, so you will need to use your ISPs SMTP server. Many ISPīs now block the outbound port 25, which is used for SMTP. This prevents the email server from sending email unless your client email program is configured to use your ISPīs SMTP server rather then directly from our mail server. Please try using either ports 26 or port 8025 which our providers have opened for SMTP to see if that makes a difference.

For Corporate and Business Class Hosting Plan Users:

In order t
o use our SMTP server, first you must enable SMTP for sending email, in the 'email settings' of the email address. You do this in your hosting control pane under 'EMAIL'.
The outgoing SMTP server is smtp.webhost.co.nz

* We recommend that you connect using SSL on port 465.

* SMTP authentication for 'Outgoing Mail' is required to send the email. Only enable this for 'outgoing mail', and do not enable it for 'incoming mail'.

* Make sure that you have got SMTP enabled inside your hosting control panel, for the email account that is sending the email, or it won't work.


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