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HOW TO: Upload/Publish your website using Microsoft Frontpage 2000
The following section will guide you step-by-step through configuring Microsoft FrontPage® 2002 and earlier to exchange files between your computer and your web site. The steps shown here are for FP2002, however older versions work in the same manner.

In order to proceed, you'll need to have three things:

(1) Microsoft FrontPage® installed
(2) A connection to the Internet via your Internet service provider
(3) You will need to have installed FrontPage® extensions within the cPanel console.

WARNING: Do not try uploading your Frontpage website through another FTP program, otherwise you could damage the Frontpage

Create a Simple Page

Before you can publish an html file to your web site with FrontPage®, you must either have a page already created, or create a page. To create a page with
FrontPage®, follow these simple steps:

1. With FrontPage® open, choose File --> New .

2. Type in "FrontPage® test"

3. From the menu bar, choose File --> Save As.

4. Name the html file.

(If this file is to be your home page, be sure to name it index.html)

Once you have the file saved to your hard drive, you are ready to publish
the file.

Publish Your Web Page.

1. From the menu bar, choose File --> Publish Web.

 Screen Shot

You'll get a dialog box like this:

 Screen Shot

2. Click on the Options button

You will see a dialog box like this:

 Screen Shot

3. In the box below Specify the location to publish
your site to:
enter the full URL for your site.

4. If this is the first time you are publishing your site, select Publish
all pages...

5. Select Include subwebs .

You should now have a dialog box that looks like this:

 Screen Shot

Be sure to use your real domain name instead of 'yourdomainname.com'.

6. Click the Publish button.

You should now see a dialog box like this one:

 Screen Shot

7. Enter your username and password.

If you have entered all the details correctly, FrontPage® will then publish
your site. The amount of time it takes to upload your website will depend on
your overall connection speed along with the size of your website.

You will see a dialog box like this one when it has finished:

 Screen Shot

8. Click Done .

Microsoft Frontpage Extensions have reached their End Of Life (EOL)

During mid 2006 Microsoft announced that they discontinued the development of Microsoft FrontPage and server extensions, and will cease supporting it, due to it having reached the end of it's economical life.

Since 2006, we have continued to support FrontPage Extensions to clients, however as Microsoft no longer provides any security updates for the extensions, FrontPage extensions potentially could pose a security threat to the servers. Therefore we are announcing that FrontPage extensions on our Network have reached the end of their life as of 17/12/2008. Most hosting providers have already ceased supporting and providing FrontPage extensions, and we are one of the last to still provide them. The servers will continue to support FrontPage extensions for the time being, but Frontpage extensions could be withdrawn at any time in the future without further announcement, and we will no longer be offering any technical support for FrontPage extensions if you are having trouble with them. If you do use Microsoft FrontPage, you can instead upload your website without FrontPage extensions by using FTP, which will continue to be supported.


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